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Projects from you, our customers

These are special projects shared with us from customers using Tallahassee Tung Oil.

We would like to see yours.


"I built this dresser using reclaimed American chestnut and other woods from a barn built in New York in 1803.  The top board was from a tree that was approximately 300 years old when it was cut down to build the barn meaning it was a sapling in the 1500s!  I wanted to finish it with a high-quality finish that would restore, protect and bring out the beauty of the wood grain.  I chose tung oil from Tallahassee Tung Oil and I’m very glad I did.  It provided a beautiful richness of color in the wood from the white oak frame to the American chestnut top and the drawers."

Steve W.

"We wanted to use butcher block for an island countertop as part of our kitchen remodel but weren’t sure how to finish it so that it would be durable, waterproof, and beautiful. We did research on the “off the shelf” products and found that all of the oil-based finishes were not safe for food prep, which was one of the reasons we were using butcher block. My wife read that tung oil is safe for food prep, but only if it’s pure tung oil, which was not the case for products sold in the big box stores. We contacted Tallahassee Tung Oil and Greg brought us a sample and showed us how to use it. We finished the island and were amazed at the results. We replaced the rest of the kitchen countertops and used Tallahassee Tung Oil to finish those as well.  We have been very happy with the finish, durability, beauty, and quality of their tung oil and will continue using their products on our butcher block surfaces."

Kevin W.

Gate Pic Kevin K.jpg

"Structure is white logs and gate is sinker cypress, all coated with Tallahassee Tung oil...great product!"

Kevin K.

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