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You believe in quality and craftsmanship – and so do we.

Our family has perfected the art and science of cultivating our Tung tree orchards and turning their fruit into an oil worthy of your passion and labor. Our state-of-the-art facility in Georgia is operated by Gulf Coast Tung Oil, our wholesale company. Each can of Tallahassee Tung Oil is labeled with its harvest date and processing date and comes with a certificate of analysis from an independent laboratory along with our signed guarantee of purity.


Other Tung oil brands may be bottled in the United States, but the oil itself comes from other continents, travelling thousands of miles in varying temperatures and humidity levels. By the time it's bottled here in the United States, imported Tung oil can be several years old, significantly affecting the product, its application, and your end results. Because it’s fresh, Tallahassee Tung Oil applies smoothly, dries evenly, lasts longer in your shop, and mixes better with your favorite blend. Freshness matters!

Order soon while supplies lasts...we have limited quantities.

Uncompromised Beauty and Protection

Tung oil has a long tradition of use by those who know wood and want a beautiful finish. Did you know it can also be used to seal stone and concrete surfaces? Chemical-free 100% Tung oil evenly penetrates wood fibers, creating a waterproof seal that stands up to spills and wear. Three or four coats of Tung oil create a satin sheen that beautifies the wood and pops the grain. Trust your project to the quality of Tallahassee Tung Oil.


Applying Tung Oil

There are many choices for wood finishes.  Depending on the project there can be lots of debate among woodworkers as to the best finish.  We'll leave that debate alone and just tell you our opinion on the best way to apply Tallahassee Tung Oil.  

Step One

Sand the surface to the smoothness desired - usually around #180 or #220 grit sandpaper and remove all sanding dust.

Step Two

Wipe on Tallahassee Tung Oil sparingly with a lint-free cloth.  Allow to soak into the wood for a few minutes then rub vigorously with a clean lint-free cloth until there is no Tung oil standing on the surface...this is very important for penetration and to avoid a sticky mess.  Depending on the hardness of the wood the first coat of Tung oil can be thinned to help penetration. If applying to a cutting board or wooden kitchen utensils we recommend using an all-natural, food-grade citrus oil.  


Step Three

Apply the second coat of Tallahassee Tung Oil after about 24 hours.  The amount of time you should wait will depend on temperature and humidity levels.  Apply the second coat using 100% Tung oil following the same process as step two.  Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Step Four

Apply as many coats as necessary, usually three or four, following the same application process to obtain the finish you desire.  Tallahassee Tung Oil dries to the touch in 4-5 days and completely cures in 2-3 weeks if applied correctly.  You know it's worth the wait!

Step Five

Enjoy the compliments on how your finish “pops the grain” and take pride in creating masterpieces that will last for generations to come.

When using any tung oil, it is recommended to practice general safety guidelines.

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